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Check worker quality with Screening Units

Screening units help filter out low-quality work, generally by hiding parts of the validation you're paying attention to behind the Mephisto server. To support this we provide the ScreenTaskRequired blueprint mixin.

Screening units are a heuristic-based way to determine, on the first task completion, if a worker has understood the instructions of a task. They can be run either on real data you want annotated (for cases where your heuristics can be run whenever) or on specific 'test' data you believe it's easier to validate on.


Things to note in the showcase:

  • The remote_procedure/mnist example is ran with the screening_example configuration enabled to ensure that screening units are generated.
  • When a worker goes to an assignment for the first time they see a screening unit.
  • Drawing a "3" gives the worker the passing qualification
  • Drawing any number other than "3" gives the worker the blocked qualification
  • Going to a different assignment when you have a blocked qualification shows you a not qualified screen.
  • Going to a different assignment when you have a passing qualification allows you to see the real unit

Basic configuration

There are a few required configuration parts for using screening units:

  • Hydra args
    • blueprint.passed_qualification_name: A string qualification to mark people who have passed screening.
    • blueprint.block_qualification: A string qualification to mark people who have failed screening.
    • blueprint.use_screening_task: Determines if the screening units feature will be enabled. Set to true to enable screening units and set to false to disable screening units.
    • blueprint.max_screening_units: An int for the maximum number of screening tasks you're willing to launch with this batch. Used to limit how much you will pay out for units that aren't annotating your desired data.
      • Must be set to 0 if screening_data_factory is set to False
      • Must be greater than 0 if screening_data_factory is not False
    • task.allowed_concurrent: An int for the number of allowed concurrent units at a time per worker. This value must be set to 1.
      • Screening units can only run this task type with one allowed concurrent unit at a time per worker, to ensure screening before moving into real units.
  • ScreenTaskSharedState:
    • screening_data_factory: False if you want to validate on real data. Otherwise, a factory that generates input data for a screening unit for a worker. Explained in-depth below.

Setting up SharedTaskState

With the basic configuration done, you'll also need to provide additional arguments to your SharedTaskState to register the required qualifications and the screening validation function.

A shortened version of the run script for the video above looks like:


def my_screening_unit_generator():
The frontend react webapp reads in
isScreeningUnit using the initialTaskData
while True:
yield {"isScreeningUnit": True}

def validate_screening_unit(unit: Unit):
"""Checking if the drawn number is 3"""
agent = unit.get_assigned_agent()
if agent is not None:
data = agent.state.get_data()
annotation = data["final_submission"]["annotations"][0]
if annotation["isCorrect"] and annotation["currentAnnotation"] == 3:
return True
return False

def main(operator: Operator, cfg: DictConfig) -> None:
is_using_screening_units = cfg.mephisto.blueprint["use_screening_task"]
tasks: List[Dict[str, Any]] = [{"isScreeningUnit": False}] * cfg.num_tasks
shared_state = SharedRemoteProcedureTaskState(

if is_using_screening_units:
"""You have to defined a few more properties to enable screening units"""
shared_state.on_unit_submitted = ScreenTaskRequired.create_validation_function(
shared_state.screening_data_factory = my_screening_unit_generator()
shared_state.qualifications += ScreenTaskRequired.get_mixin_qualifications(
cfg.mephisto, shared_state

See the full code here

See hydra configuration here

Additional Questions?

You can find more information on using screening units in the reference documentation for ScreenTaskRequired.