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Contributing to Mephisto

Mephisto is built for developing on, but developing for Mephisto can sometimes be unclear. We aim to provide some guides on contributions for abstractions, underlying infrastructure, or developer experience, but oftentimes the best resource will be opening an issue on our Github directly.

Understanding Mephisto

One of the most important parts of contributing is understanding where the project stands and where we're going. Be sure to check out relevant pages on our architecture or coming plans to ramp into things. You can also check our references when trying to dive into specific components.

If documentation for a specific component is lacking here, you can take a step further to investigate the blame for the file - we strive to keep documentation for our decisions in all of our pull requests, and some insight is likely present within.

I want to help, but don't know where to start

If you want to contribute with something, there are often github issues marked with help wanted. We also note some as being good first issues, and these often have in-depth descriptions on how to get started.