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Our Python API documentation can be found here.

Other sections of the documentation may soon be auto-generated.

In the meanwhile, you may find reference documentation in the following locations:

  • mephisto-task - This package provides two hooks to faciliate React-based front-end development for Mephisto tasks. Use useMephistoTask for simple, static tasks or useMephistoLiveTask for multi-turn, socket-based tasks.
  • mephisto-worker-addons - This package provides the tips and feedback components to allow for collection of tips and feedback from workers.
  • bootstrap-chatA set of UI components based on Bootstrap v3 for facilitating chat-based tasks for Mephisto.
  • annotation-toolkit and @annotated - This package helps users to build out review & annotation tooling for their research tasks. annotation-toolkit has been deprecated in favor of @annotated.
  • cra-template-mephisto-review - A customizable base template for creating data exploration interfaces with first-class support for the mephisto review command.
  • mephisto-review-hook - TODO