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The tasks contain all of the related code required to set up a task run.

task_nameunknown???Grouping to launch this task run under, none defaults to the blueprint type.NoneFalse
task_titlestr???Display title for your task on the crowd provider.NoneTrue
task_descriptionstr???Longer form description for what your task entails.NoneTrue
task_rewardfloat???Amount to pay per worker per unit, in dollars.NoneTrue
task_tagsstr???Comma seperated tags for workers to use to find your task.NoneTrue
task_lifetime_in_secondsint2678400The time that the task will last for before expiring.NoneFalse
assignment_duration_in_secondsint1800Time that workers have to work on your task once accepted.NoneFalse
no_submission_patienceint43200How long to wait between task submissions before shutting the run down for a presumed issue. Value in seconds, default 12 hours.NoneFalse
allowed_concurrentint0Maximum units a worker is allowed to work on at once. (0 is infinite).NoneTrue
maximum_units_per_workerint0Maximum tasks of this task name that a worker can work on across all tasks that share this task_name. (0 is infinite).NoneFalse
max_num_concurrent_unitsint0Maximum units that will be released simultaneously, setting a limit on concurrent connections to Mephisto overall. (0 is infinite).NoneFalse
submission_timeoutint600Time that mephisto will wait after marking a task done before abandoning waiting for the worker to actually press submit.NoneFalse
post_install_scriptstrThe name of a shell script in your webapp directory that will run right after npm install and before npm build. This can be useful for local package development where you would want to link a package after installing dependencies from package.json.NoneFalse
force_rebuildboolFalseDetermines if npm build should be ran every time the task is ran. By default there is an optimization that only builds the webapp when there is a change in its contents. It would make sense to set this to true when doing local package development as you want to force a rebuild after running the post_install_script.NoneFalse
resume_incomplete_rununknownFalseResume incomplete or interrupted TaskRun if it exists.NoneFalse