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Upgrade Guide

  1. Update the Mephisto library to v1.
    • If you set up Mephisto using pip install -e, ensure you pull the latest version down from the git repo.
    • Or if you set up Mephisto using the pip wheel: pip install Mephisto -U
  2. Ensure that your front-end code is using the latest packages, by running the following in your task's webapp folder.
    npm install --save mephisto-task@2
    npm install --save bootstrap-chat@2 # if applicable
  3. For webapps using mephisto-task: Migrate any usage of sendMessage in your front-end code to sendLiveUpdate.
  4. Migrate your run scripts to use the newly introduced syntax, aimed to reduce boilerplate.

Optional: If you'd like to set up metrics, you can also run the CLI command: mephisto metrics install