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Using the Mephisto Review CLI

Once you've installed Mephisto, you have access to the mephisto command line utility.

This utility can be used to invoke a review workflow via $ mephisto review ....


To review data, you must specify:

  1. The actual data to review
  2. The visual interface to represent the data
  3. If approving/rejecting (as opposed to exploring), what to do with the results

Here's a sample command:

cat input.jsonl | mephisto review --json my-review-interface --stdout

Here we:

  1. Pipe in the contents of input.jsonl to the mephisto review command. This is our review data as newline separated JSON objects. (We also specify the --json flag to indicate that this is JSON input as opposed to the default CSV.)

  2. Point to the build location of our review interface. This is a single-page app that implements the useMephistoReview() hook to consume data. (To start with a starter template, you can you cra-template-mephisto-review. We will elaborate on this below.)

  3. Specify the output of our approve/reject data. For now we will just print it out to standard output with the --stdout flag.

1. Use the starter template

The quickest way to create your own review interface is to use the cra-template-mephisto-review template with create-react-app:

npx create-react-app --template mephisto-review my-review-interface

Once setup, you can build, and test the template:

$ cd my-review-interface
$ yarn build
$ cat sample-data.jsonl | mephisto review --json --stdout build/

Note: The template ships with some sample data files: sample-data.jsonl and sample-data.csv

2. Create a custom renderer


3. Create custom thumbnails