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Adding Tips

To allow for greater communication between workers and workers and it is recommended to use the Tips component.

How to add Tips:

  1. Add the Tips component to your task's react webapp code
  2. Workers submit tips related to the task that they are working on.
  3. Once the task is shut down, the researcher can review the submitted tips to either accept/reject them
  4. The accepted tips are displayed by the Tips component when the task is launched again.

Tips Code Snippet:

import { Tips } from "mephisto-worker-addons";

<SomeTaskCodeGoesHere />
<Tips />

To learn more about the props in the Tips component you can check out its readme.

How the component looks like:

Reviewing the worker submitted tips

To review and accept/reject tips run mephisto scripts local_db review_tips in the terminal and follow the prompts.

Example output:

║ Tips Review ║

Task Names:

• react-static-task-with-tips

Enter the name of the task that you want to review the tips of: react-static-task-with-tips

Tip 1 of 2
│ Property │ Value │
│ Tip Id │ a1a2f011-a7e9-465a-a8e0-9c079b081075 │
│ Tip Header │ 🎉 This is my first tip │
│ Tip Text │ This is my tip body │

Do you want to (a)ccept, (r)eject, or (s)kip this tip? (Default: s) [a/r/s]: a

Tip Accepted

How much would you like to bonus the tip submitter? (Default: 0.0): 5

What reason would you like to give the worker for this tip? NOTE: This will be shared with
the worker.(Default: Thank you for submitting a tip!):

Bonus Successfully Paid!

Tip 2 of 2
│ Property │ Value │
│ Tip Id │ 8c33b8a3-5e7f-4156-8509-8b7b0fd2a347 │
│ Tip Header │ Directions │
│ Tip Text │ Make sure to follow the directions!

Do you want to (a)ccept, (r)eject, or (s)kip this tip? (Default: s) [a/r/s]: r

Tip Rejected

There are no more tips to review

If you want to remove a tip that you accepted, then you can run mephisto scripts local_db remove_tip in the terminal and follow the prompts.